Before you Travel

Before you travel, you may have other concerns or questions that you would like more information on.

Travelling with someone

Door 2 Door is not limited to those who have difficulty travelling. If you have a relative, friend or carer who you would like to travel with you, they can also use the service. The same fares apply to the person that travels with you.

If you need to be accompanied by an assistance dog when you travel, please let us know when you book. Assistance dogs are welcome on Door 2 Door services and travel free of charge, but other dogs are not carried.

Standing and smoking

Smoking is not allowed at any time on Door 2 Door vehicles. Standing is not allowed while the vehicle is moving.


Please be considerate to other users with the amount of shopping or luggage you take onto a Door 2 Door service. The amount of luggage or shopping that can be carried is at the discretion of the driver.

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